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Serves A Variety Of Industries With Proven Success!

Education - IT Support For Schools

Hillside Technology, one of the nation’s top managed IT services companies, has been helping educational institutions for over 15 years. We provide your institution ways to maximize its technology investment, improve the technologies that drive it, and secure it against internal and external threats.

Professional Services

Professional services organizations are growing, and they need to be sure technology is there to support their operations. Because revenue depends on the hours billed, downtime is not an option. Hillside Technology’s team with its broad engineering expertise can provide cloud, hybrid and on-premise options and national onsite IT support can help your organization meet the challenges of ever-changing technology landscape.

Financial - Keep Your Financial Services Firm Connected

With cyber-security being the number one concern, your organization needs a partner you can rely on. Hillside Technology has a long history of working with financial services firms to help them maintain security and compliance, from FINRA, SOX, and SEC regulations.

Manufacturing - Keep Your Manufacturing Business Connected

Today’s manufacturing industry faces many challenges that impact strategic initiatives: global competition, regional expansion, complex supply chains, and new business model to name a few. To excel in this environment, manufacturers must stay innovative to improve operations and capture opportunities. Hillside Technology knows how to evaluate your operational needs to keep you competitive.

Growing Companies - Keep Your Startup Connected

As a startup, there are many important things to worry about, and IT should not be one of them. Hillside Technology has worked with many growing companies to help alleviate some of the pressures and free up time. We help companies scale quickly, provide support and make sure the core focus stays on growth and product development.

Technology - Keep Your Technology Company Connected

The success of a technology company depends on its network’s stability and security at large. Whether you’re a startup company or a mature organization, your technology resources are mission-critical. Our approach to IT services focuses on delivering the highest levels of availability and security anytime, anywhere — from end-points such as laptops, desktops and smart-phones to servers, virtualization, cloud computing and IT optimization — we cover your entire network both on-premise and in the cloud.

Insurance- Keep Your Insurance Agency Connected

Insurance is probably one of the most fiercely competitive industries. Agencies face stiff competitions from both large corporations and local firms, sometimes even individual agents. A customized and proactive IT support strategy can help you have a competitive edge over the competition. Let us worry about IT for you, so you can focus on what’s more important: running your business.

Non-Profit - Keep Your Non-Profit Organization Connected

Non-profit companies face many unique challenges: an environment of constant resource constraints, pressure to minimize operational, rigorous requirements for accounting, reporting and administrative management, to name a few. To meet these challenges, information systems must be easy to implement, simple and straightforward to use, and contribute to efficiency by streamlining operations to help cut costs. And that’s what we excel at!

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